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This ring is lovely, bold and modern.  Cast from a reticulated silver ring with uneven, melted edges and a nubby surface.  It was cast in copper then electroplated with three layers of 18K gold. About 3/8" wide and will fit sizes 6 to 7 1/2. To adjust, support the middle of the ring then slowly and in tiny increments, pull out each end until it is the desired size. 

Ring, Reticulated, 18K Gold Plated, Viola

SKU: 23310
  • All of the gold plated items that I offer are cast and plated in South Korea, where the skill for this type of work is unsurpassed, and yet still affordable to the average consumer.  Each piece is cast in either copper or bronze then electroplated three times with thin coats of liquid, 18K gold, giving it a warm glow.  This jewelry will last many years if well taken care of.  As with all gold jewelry it will stay nice and shiney if not put in soapy or salty water without rinsing and you try to keep it clean from beauty products such as hairspray.  Rings will eventually wear along the backside where your fingers bend, but they should be able to withstand years of wear before this happens. 

  • Please select your items carefully and pay attention to the sizing given and ask questions if you are unclear about something. You may return any item at your expense for a store credit as long as that item is in its original condition and no more than 21 business days have passed. If an item arrives damaged or breaks please contact me with a photo of the issue and I will repair or replace said item at my expense.  If the damage done to an item is clearly the fault of the wearer, I will repair or replace the item at the owners expense if desired. 

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